httyd + the moment astrid fell in love with hiccup

I wouldn’t say “fall in LOVE”, but I will say this: if you listen closely you can hear her heart skip a beat. That’s probably the most serious and determined she’s ever seen Hiccup in her life. And that’s both surprising and noteworthy from where she’s standing. That’s the moment she started seeing and appreciating Hiccup’s qualities — everything that happens afterwards only serves to feed this newfound admiration for him. But it’s not like Astrid went through a total change of heart — remember, Hiccup changed a lot too. Finding Toothless made him a better person. Finding the Red Death gave him a new purpose, and seeing Astrid’s reaction during the flight probably made him rethink his choices; maybe, just maybe, he would be able to reason with his people.

Yeah I mean the flight was pretty amazing but the romance part is one sided. She’s just utterly fascinated by it and open-minded enough to admit it’s pretty cool. Hiccup was the one going “A GIRL is touching me. Girl. Girl is hugging me. Okay, so maybe she’s only doing it so she doesn’t fall off to her death but touching. Girl.” 

Whereas Astrid was like “wwoooooow this is so cool. Oh, also there is boy. Boy isn’t the ugliest, might as well cop a feel and squeeze him a bit because hormones.” 

THIS was the moment where I think she actually came to respect and start to like him more heavily though. Not the flight itself. The part where he actually had some principles after being a wishy-washy troublemaker that cared more about personal glory than making sure the village didn’t lose food.

We the audience understand Hiccup’s thing was more about acceptance but Astrid seemed to disrespect him more for what she saw as laziness and weaseling his way through things rather than practicing and being where he should be for the good of the village. When confronted with causing calamity up as per usual so that food got stolen, rather than manning up he made a crack about the village being fat. 

This was the part that showed he actually had some stones and that is a generally respected trait among the Vikings. Being brassy, growing a pair of stones or ovaries, taking responsibility, sticking by your principles, protecting your own. 

A lot of people chalk up the flight as when she started to consider him kinda cute and worth getting to know better but while romantic I feel like it was just a setup and that this was the moment where she realized there was depth there and possibly a pretty cool person worth getting to know better that was kinda sorta cute. This is the first moment where she sees him doing something difficult to protect someone else and taking responsibility, where she realizes he’s not just a dingdong that cracks badly timed jokes. 

Even in terms of character growth, this is the first time Hiccup even wasn’t a dingdong and started to become more rad. Because before this he tried to run away from every problem (to the point of wanting to run away from home rather than confront the village about the dragons) and tried to wiggle his way out of acknowledging responsibility if he messed something up. It’s very sympathetic and understandable to want to belong but selfish to do it at the expense of the others. He knew that his over-achieving attempts had messed things up before but he still did them. What he was feeling and why he did all that is understandable, but it’s not really good to do things like that at the expense of other people.

This is the first time he puts someone else above his own wants and (admittedly understandable) issues. It’s the first time he doesn’t just try to weasel off and not confront a problem. It’s the first time he really grows a pair - of Viking horns. And she’s there to see it. 

I really enjoy scenes like this, that show a character growing, and have character interactions during it to reflect the changes interactions that dynamically shift the other character’s understanding about something as well.  

This is where Astrid learned not to judge a book by its cover and where Hiccup learned that the inside of the book still has to be decent. He had to learn that sometimes you have to stand up for something - or someone.